Bumble Breakdown: AI & UI

One of the best aspects of Bumble is the app design, which is simple and clean. There is a fair amount of white space when needed and the perfect use of images. When users intend to quickly swipe through potential matches, the app needs to have clarity and avoid clutter. Speed and immediate gratification is expected on a platform like Bumble.

When exploring competitor apps, I noticed the most attractive and user-friendly platforms were the ones with an intuitive design and neatness. The ones that were difficult to use and immediately deleted were the ones with an overload of images and information and the ones that were difficult to navigate. With a combination of a high-end design and user interface and a sophisticated audience, Bumble ranks superior among online dating apps.

The following flowchart, which I made on canva.com (highly recommend) breaks down each page of Bumble:

Bumble map

The flowchart represents how simple and comprehensive the app is, which promotes the ease of online dating. There are no useless pages; each direction on the app has a purpose that is straightforward. Wolfe wanted to create an application to make it easier for women to talk to men, and she accomplished that beyond a conceptual level. Not only do women have the power to initiate a conversation, but they also have a basic app to do it on.

Another aspect to emphasize the simplicity of Bumble is the minimal information needed and displayed to connect with other users. All a user sees about another user is up to six images, the occupation, the education and a brief biography of the user. Bumble also allows users to connect their profiles to Spotify to show other users what they are listening to, but it is optional and does not clutter profiles.

My Experience:

There was a day when my friend and I decided to download multiple dating apps to see which was the best. We deleted most of the apps we downloaded because of the types of people we were connecting with, which ranged from rude to boring to inappropriate. Some apps had few users, so few connections were made altogether. The final straw for the apps was the design and usability of each app. I immediately deleted a few that were impossible to look at, but Bumble ranked at the top of our list overall for interface and users.


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