A Man’s Perspective

Hello Insight Delight followers,

My name is Easton and I run a blog over at Easton Social Media Conquest. If you haven’t read my blog I urge you to go check it out. If you have you would know that my focus has been on modified automotive social media, but my background is in social media as a whole not just specifically automotive social media. I am happy to be able to give some commentary on my friend’s blog about Bumble and how they are changing dating for the modern world.

My personal experience with dating apps is pretty extensive without going in to too much of the details. On an urge I decide that I should download the app to have a better understanding of the app. Just a few thoughts about the User Interface, I love it. I found it was super easy to set up a profile with no hassle. I really enjoyed that it just linked up Facebook. The only thing I did not like about the set up with Bumble was the fact that I was limited to only 300 characters, although it is not really that bad, just a minor inconvenience to be honest with you.

So what about the target audience? I am going to have to tell you I love it! The fact that the majority of users are women is a single mans dream. So I have no trouble finding a match, so fellas I highly advise you to check it out if you’re having trouble with Tinder or real life. I know you guys might be thinking that you have the best pickup lines, and Bumble not allowing you to message first is going to kill your game. Well let me tell you they aren’t that good, and are counterproductive to say the least. I actually enjoy that women get to message first, and let me tell you why. They get to set the tone of the conversation, and you have a better idea of the intention allowing you to not get mixed signals or put your foot in your mouth. So whether you’re looking for a date or something more adult you can know what to expect.

Honestly guys Bumble is a great new app place to meet women and get dates. Enjoy the ease that this app will bring to your love life.